Football betting can be traced back to the early 20th century, way before gambling even became legal!

This trend of enjoying every aspect of a football game in all football betting wesites have been going on for years now. Avid fans love to spice up the matches and make it even more interesting by adding the thrill of gambling into it.


The Very Beginning of Football Betting Website

Although gambling was made legal pretty late into the century, it was previously played in unlicensed gambling centers. It was something that was considered highly taboo.

Later on, in 1923, bookmakers were the first to offer public pool-betting services. Their rules and system were very different from today’s modern betting.


Gambling in the Light

With the Gambling Act of 1960, betting and gambling became legal. In the very next year, betting shops started to spring up everywhere. But it took another 20 years for betting to become socially acceptable. The politicians would try to cover it up and underfund these shops as much as possible.

It wasn’t until 1986 that it all actually came into the light (literally!). Betting shops were finally given the authorization to have lights and TVs to watch the football games live. This gradual increase soon resulted in a boom in the gambling industry.


The Glamour of It All

Throughout the 1990s, the casinos were filled with elites and powerful people. There were lights and bling everywhere. Just like in the movies!

The gambling industry was roaring. Football bets became more common and were seen taking place in private sports bars very openly. The subject wasn’t untouchable anymore. You were free to play as you liked.

By this time, sports betting also started being televised and considered as a form of entertainment rather than a taboo.

Oh, how the times have changed!


High-Tech Betting

With the sudden innovations in technology, football betting was starting to be seen online as well. Being online has given football betting a whole new face.

Sitting at home, in one corner of the world, you could compete in a football bet happening on the other side of the world. You could be making big bucks by clicking some buttons on your phone. Now how cool is that!

Nowadays, football betting has changed so much from how it originated. Today’s players could never imagine having to sit down inside a dark, quite place just for a little bit of freedom of fun.

However, the world is changing. And 20 years from now, wagering may look like something we can’t even imagine right now.



Football betting website is becoming increasingly common. Fans place bets before the games begin and chant and cheer the entire match, excited for the outcome.

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